Just Make the Damn Wreath!

For the past two years I have acquired an interest in crafting and being more creative. Gasp! My interest in crafting started two years ago when my stepmother taught me how to make mesh wreaths. She is an avid crafter and usually can talk me into jumping on the craft bandwagon. In this particular venture I spent a lot of time looking at mesh wreath tutorials and patterns on the Internet until Alice finally said “Just make the damn wreath. That’s the problem with you analytical types. You spend way too much time figuring out the perfect way to do something instead of actually doing it. Just make the damn wreath”.

I AM very analytical and some might say “anal” person. Being creative does not fit in with my overall nature.

I’ve been interested in crafting in the past. Let’s see – there was scrapbooking, decoupaged glass plates, soy teacup candles, fire starters…I spend a lot of money buying craft supplies and then my interest is short lived. I get really excited to make something beautiful. I start and then I give up. Why? Because my project often does not turn out to be PERFECT! Or it doesn’t look like the one in the picture. And if I can’t do something PERFECTLY then I automatically assume that I am not GOOD at it. And I don’t want to WASTE valuable time at something I am not GOOD at. And there are so many productive activities that I SHOULD be doing. Ok, so this a lot of material for therapy!

The difference this time around is that my interest in creative projects has lasted a lot longer than in the past. I have time to craft now and I am finding it to be fun and relaxing. I have noticed that my mind seems clearer now and that there is actually room in there for more creative ideas. I can think. Think about a lot of things with more clarity. The biggest change is that somewhere along this process I have learned that making “art” doesn’t necessarily have to be PERFECT to be fun and beautiful. The most important lesson is the “fun and relaxing” part. Aha!

What I’ve learned from being creative:

  • Creative projects don’t have to be PERFECT.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes and start over if you don’t like something. Paint brushes and paint are cheap.
  • Creativity requires patience. It takes time for paint and glue to dry. The “drying” time leaves time for reflection and thought.
  • Creative activities do not have to be delayed until AFTER you had accomplished something productive (laundry, cleaning, cooking, errands, etc.). I find that creating clears my mind and actually energizes me to do other things.
  • Glue therapy is actually very good therapy!

Just make the damn wreath! I have gotten lost and spent many hours looking at ideas on Pinterest. I have boards filled with projects I want to try. But nothing is going to happen if I don’t just jump in and “make the damn wreath”. Now that I have ideas collected I need to just pick one and make it. Then pick another one and make it. Kind of like “putting one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door”. Just do it.

Hmmm. Metaphors for life?

  • It’s okay to be imperfect.
  • It’s okay to start over.
  • Patience is a virtue.
  • Make time for fun. It is energizing.
  • Just do it.
My plan for this new year is to be more creative. In fact my new “word of the year” is “create”. It’s different and it is another word that promises positive outcomes. And it makes for a very fun year ahead.
I’m excited to explore more of my creative side doing things that I really enjoy – writing, crafts, home decorating, cooking, reading and spending time with friends, going on new adventures with my wonderful hubby, etc.. There are hundreds of ways to be creative. Creating new experiences will include doing things that I may not have had the courage to try before.
And when I feel “stuck” and don’t know where to start or what to do next or have no inspiration I will get out my materials and just MAKE THE DAMN WREATH.


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  1. Another great reflection!

  2. Very relatable!

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