Life is All About Plan B

Be still

Life is all about plan B. It is a concept I have been pondering for a few months now. I’ve always been a planner and it is very hard for me to not have a plan. Or make a list. My nature is to plan out my life in great detail. But what happens when Plan “A” doesn’t work out so well? What next? …

Life is all about plan B. That’s not an easy one for a Type “A” personality like myself. I’ve always had a vision of what my life would look like. It followed a logical order. Grow up, finish school, get a job, get married, have kids, watch kids grow up and succeed, work some more, do something important, make a difference, enjoy life, etc… This  life path never involved a plan “B” nor did it include monkey wrenches! Ironically, I’ve been at the plan “B” stage of life more times than not. When a crisis occurs I always think “this was definitely not part of the plan”! I never say “that’s OK, I have a fallback plan”.

The situations that propelled me into considering another scenario were always blessings in disguise. I’ve never regretted having to exercise plan “B”. In that space I can take a break, be quiet and recover. It’s a chance to review the big picture. If I’m mad I get to say “kiss my Butt” or “Bugger off” or “this won’t beat me” or “I’m better than that” just because I need to.  If I’m sad it’s OK to be still for a little while and breathe. It’s a safe place to regroup. Plan “B” is where you’ve earned the right to shout “I’ve overcome this battle and I am brave and I can’t be broken”. Bravo!

With any kind of change this transformational stage offers another chance of a lifetime to become a better you. Iyanla Vanzant says that “life gives you an endless supply of do-overs. And you don’t have to get an “A” to pass the class”. I’m happy for the do-overs and I will take that “B”. It offers enormous potential for a brand-new life that is bold, brazen, boisterous, bodacious, believable, bountiful and beautiful.

No amount of planning can prepare us for a future that is a mystery. For now I will enjoy the day and have a ball.  Now that’s a plan this Pollyanna can live with.

Life we planned

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  1. My dad always said there is a plan B and if that doesnt work go on to C.I guess that is why none of us suffered too much from depression because our parents made the best of every situation and so thankful for that. Glad you are enjoying life

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