Peace, Love and Oprah

Last week at this time I was waiting for the start of Oprah’s “Life You Want” weekend. The experience was incredible and life changing. Oprah spoke for two hours about using your unique and extraordinary spirit to get the life you want. Here are just some of the more important words of wisdom she had to share. I hope that these words bring a few “AHA” moments.
  • The life you want is about starting each day anew. Living your calling. Believing in who you can and will become. Uplifting yourself and then others. Celebrating the daily dawning of possibility. 
  • To get the life you want you first have to look at the life you have.
  • There is no life without a spiritual life. Your life is always speaking to you. You need to listen to your spiritual GPS for everything you are going to do.
  • Everything you’ve ever done and everyone you have every touched is your LEGACY.
  • The ordinary moments make for an extraordinary life.
  • Purpose is spirit seeking expression.
  • What doesn’t work in your life is information. Use that information to move in a new direction.
  • Everybody has a calling. It’s your job in life to pay attention and share it. Nothing you have ever been given as a GIFT was meant to be kept to yourself. Your life is validated by your service to others.
  • Not everyone can be famous but everyone can be GREAT.
  • Everyone wants the same thing in life. Everyone wants to be heard and know that they matter.
  • For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What you put out is going to come back. If you put out hate you will get hate back. If you put out love you will get love back.
  • You become what you believe. We are held back by our negative beliefs.
  • You have the power to let negative thoughts go. Rephrase negative thoughts into positive phrases that are empowering.
  • Worry and fear is trusting in your own power.
  • You are responsible for the energy you bring.
  • You have a finite amount of time and a finite amount of energy. What will you do with your time and energy?
  • Your greatest power is your ability to love. Everyday you get another chance to choose love.
  • Failure is life at its most poignant pushing us in a new direction.
  • You get to choose the way you think about things. What you focus on expands.
  • When you want something all the universe rises up to where you are to help you achieve it.
  • Messages come to you in whispers. Listen to the whispers. A whisper feels like a hmmm… If you say to yourself “That’s odd”; “that’s not right”; “this doesn’t make sense…” then listen. That is your life speaking to you. Pay attention to the whispers. 
  • If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.
  • Everything you’ve been through is going to help you GET through. 
  • Whatever has happened to you has happened FOR you.
  • Nothing that has ever happened to you was WASTED.
  • You can’t figure out what you’re supposed to do if you have to ask someone else.
  • When in doubt do nothing. Be still for awhile.
  • It is time to say “yes” to your life and say “yes” to your dreams.
  • Train yourself to say “thank you” every day.
  • Write a new story for yourself. Start to live that story intentionally.
Find some of the stories shared at the “Life You Want” weekend and more inspirational messages in her new book “What I Know for Sure” by Oprah Winfrey.




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